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FRE 364: Francophone African/Caribbean Literatures and Cultures: Start


As you work on your reflection papers, use this guide to find relevant secondary sources related to your topics & countries. You may also want to consider resources on the following library research guides:

In addition to browsing the resources listed on this page, I recommend the following:

  • Search the Library Catalog for books about your topic/country - you will likely find books about Francophone literature & culture in specific countries. Some may even be in French!

Feel free to email me with questions (my contact info is below) or visit with any of the librarians at the Reference Desk.

Resources on Francophone Literature & Culture

Consider browsing the following call number area (top floor):

  • PQ 3949-3989 : African Literature in French

Resources for Specific Geographic Areas

Consider browsing the following call number areas (top floor):

  • DT : African History
    • DT 43-345 North Africa
    • DT 365-469 East Africa
    • DT 470-671 West Africa
    • DT 1000-3415 Southern Africa
  • F1601 - 2191: West Indies and Caribbean History


Julie Gilbert
There are lots of ways to reach me. Email me with questions, stop by the library, or use the link below to set up an appointment. (Click the blue bookmark to go directly to the site.) It's fast and easy to do:

My reference hours for spring 2017 are Mondays 2:30 - 4:30 (at the reference desk) and Wednesdays 1:00 - 2:30 (on call - ask for me at the front desk).
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