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MUS 102: Music of World Cultures: Start

Where is Everything?

Books are shelved in general subject categories using the Library of Congress classification systemReference books are on the main floor, on the Beck Hall side. General Collection books (the ones you can check out) are on two floors. The following call number areas are on the upper level. 

D-F History and Culture

  • DR Turkey
  • DS Asia
    • 35-392 Middle East and Central Asia
    • 401-486 India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal
    • 501-689 Southeast Asia
    • 701-799 China
    • 801-897 Japan
  • DT Africa
    • 43-179 Northern Africa
    • 181-363 Central Africa
    • 365-469 East Africa
    • 470-720 West Africa
    • 727-971 Southern Africa
    • DU Oceania (south seas) and Australia
  • E North American History (primarily United States)
  • F 1-975 United States' local history
    • 1201-2191 Latin America
    • 2201-3799 South America

M Music

  • 1-3 Collections and Monuments
  • 6-175.5 Solo instruments
  • 177-990 Two or more Solo Instruments (including non-orchestral chamber music.)
  • 1000-1366 Orchestral Music
  • 1497-1998 Secular Vocal Music
  • 1500-1527.8 Dramatic Music
  • 1530-1610 Choral Music
  • 1611-1998 Songs
  • 1627-1853 National and Folk Music
  • 1999-2199 Sacred Vocal Music

ML Literature of music

  • 48-54.8 Librettos
  • 110-155 Bibliography
  • 159-3799 History and Criticism
  • 459-1380 Instruments and Instrumental Music
  • 410 Biographies of Musical Figures
  • 1400-3275 Vocal Music
  • 1500-1554 Choral (sacred and secular)
  • 1600-2881 Secular vocal music
  • 2900-3275 Sacred vocal music
  • 3469-3541 Popular Music
  • 3800-3923 Philosophy and Physics of Music

MT Musical Instruction and Study

  • 40-67 Compostition
  • 70-86 Orchestration/Conducting
  • 90-146 Analytical Guides/Hermeneutics
  • 170-810 Instrumental Techniques
  • 820-949 Singing and Voice
  • 955-960 Music and Theatre/Opera

Researching the Music of World Cultures

There are a lot of places to look for good information and imagery for your group presentations. Some of it will be on the open web, some in databases or on the library's shelves. The reference collection will be a particularly useful place for reliable background information.

Creative Commons-licensed photo courtesy of afagen.

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The Global Music series published by Oxford University Press includes books on musical traditions in various cultures. These are shelved on the upper level and can be checked out. 

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