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REL 330: God in the Hebrew Bible: Start

Guide Overview

Welcome to your online research guide for your course, which I've designed  to support your research paper. You'll find suggestions on ways and places to search, as well as tips on tracking down hard copies of sources. 

If you are doing an exigetical study, start with the information on the  Biblical Studies tab. This tab presents three different, yet interrelated ways to explore biblical texts. You will especially want to focus on using commentaries. The instructions about searching the ATLA database for scripture commentaries will also be useful.

If you are pursing a topical study, consult the resources on that tab.

I've also included a Tracking Down Materials page, which will walk you through how to find hard copies of sources that are not full text in a database, or if you have a book citation and you aren't sure if the Gustavus Library has it.

As always, if you hit any roadblocks or dead ends, contact me for help. We can chat in person or via email. I'm also a great resource if you just want to talk through your topic to make sure you're searching every place you should be searching. Use any of the contact methods listed under my picture to the right.


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Julie Gilbert
I love meeting with students and faculty to talk about your research, including any issues you have - or even if you just want to brainstorm. There are lots of ways to reach me, even during the current pandemic. Email me with questions or to set up a Google meet. Starting March 30, librarians will also be available via chat - click on the little flag right below this message for more info. Be well, everyone.
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