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REL 350: Apocalypse: Start


Your research for this course will take you in a few different directions, depending on the text you're studying. In addition to the suggestions on this page, be sure to visit the Biblical Studies tab (above). While many biblical studies resources focus primarily on canonical texts, several also include noncanonical texts. 

Tracking down hard copies of sources is often a complex process, for a variety of reasons. There are also a variety of ways to track down the paper copy of an article or book, depending on how you first locate the citation. Use the Tracking Down Materials tab (above) for tips and instruction.

While the resources on this page are geared specifically to your research paper, you may also want to consult the library research guide for Religion. You are also more than welcome to email me at any time with research questions - my contact information is below my picture. Finally, you can chat with me or any librarian during Reference Desk hours.

Finding Articles

The most appropriate database for your research is the ATLA Religion database. Note that in addition to keyword searching, you can click on Scriptures (on the search bar at the very top of the screen) and then click on biblical books and specific chapters to find relevant articles.

You may also find these databases useful, too:

Reference Works

In addition to the many reference works listed under the Biblical Studies tab, here are a few others that will be useful:

Finding Books in Our Library

The Gustavus library contains a number of excellent books on your topics. There are several ways you can find books, in addition to doing a keyword search in the catalog

  • Search by Subject Heading
    • Subject headings are standard words or phrases assigned to books based on their topics. The important thing to remember is that you can search using subject headings in the library catalog. 
    • When you find a book in the catalog that is particularly useful, click on the title to view the full record. Look at the Subjects field & click on any relevant terms to find other books with the same subject heading
    • And/Or - if you have known subject headings, search for them in the catalog - set the field to Subject. Relevant subject headings include "Apocalyptic literature" and "Dead Sea scrolls." Also look for subject headings related to specific texts; these are usually structured like this: "Bible Daniel Commentaries" 
  • Search for Commentaries
    • To look for commentaries on a specific text, use the Advanced Search screen in the library catalog. Enter the name of the biblical book in one search box. In a separate search box, enter the word "commentaries" and then set the field to search to Subject.

The Library of Congress Classification System, which we use to shelve books in our library, arranges books according to topic. Here are the most relevant call number areas related to your topics. You can go to the shelves and browse to find related materials. 

BM: Judaism

BS: Biblical Studies, with books relating to Genesis starting at BS1225 and continuing sequentially to the end of the BS section

BT: Doctrinal Theology, see especially Eschtology in BT819-BT891

Finding Books in Other Libraries

If you are coming up short finding books at in our library, expand your options beyond books at Gustavus using these methods:


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