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REL 253 Science & Religion: Start

Doing Research

This guide is designed to provide resources and tips for doing research efficiently and effectively for your class. Be sure to explore the links above and below. Be thinking about any gaps or questions you have in your research. Let your sources lead you to new paths of research. Make sure you read your sources to understand what each one is saying about your topic.

If you encounter any issues or just want to do some brainstorming, drop me a line. My contact info is to the right.

Thinking in Interdisciplinary Ways

One of the neat aspects of your research is that it spans difference disciplines (science, religion). Even within the broad distinctions of those disciplines, there are lots of further specialization. "Science" can include biology, chemistry, ecological studies, etc. As part of your research, you should be thinking about the intersection of various realms of knowledge. What would a biologist say about your topic and how might it differ from what a theologian might say?

To help you explore related literature, I've listed the research guides for a number of relevant disciplines. Explore those guides, as you explore this one, to find additional places and ways to search.


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Julie Gilbert
I love meeting with students and faculty to talk about your research, including any issues you have - or even if you just want to brainstorm. There are lots of ways to reach me, even during the current pandemic. Email me with questions or to set up a Google meet. Starting March 30, librarians will also be available via chat - click on the little flag right below this message for more info. Be well, everyone.
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