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ENG 321: Shakespeare: Finding Criticism

Browsing Around

The books on Shakespeare are located on the main floor in the PR (British Literature) section - PR 2753-PR3112. Sometimes just browsing around can help you figure out what approaches scholars have taken to Shakespeare's works. Skim tables of contents to see what's inside. Remind yourself it's time well spent because it will give you ideas. Chill. Sit on the floor if you want. Go in pairs and make noise. We don't mind.

Helpful clue: newer books have the year of publication as the last part of the call number. That might help you focus on the not-too-crusty old stuff.

Shakespeare in the stacks

Searching for Shakespeare

Some things to know about the catalog: you can limit by year of publication, to print books, and (if you're greedy) search libraries worldwide and request books from other libraries. It takes a few days, but it's free.

Is That Even Legal?

These days he would be so busted. Luckily, there was no copyright law when Shakespeare was ripping off, er, being inspired by others. Curious where he got his ideas? It's all here.

Ask Me Anything

It's a busy time of year (when is it not?) and you may feel stressed. Shoot me an email if you can't find something, something seems broken, or you need a shoulder to cry on because you're feeling tempest-tossed. We can communicate over email (fister @ or meet in person, as you like it. The other librarians are happy to help, too, but I may be Shakespeare's biggest fan in the library, so I'm interested in what you're working on.


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Julie Gilbert
I love meeting with students and faculty to talk about your research, including any issues you have - or even if you just want to brainstorm. There are lots of ways to reach me, even during the current pandemic. Email me with questions or to set up a Google meet. Starting March 30, librarians will also be available via chat - click on the little flag right below this message for more info. Be well, everyone.

Not Like I'm Obsessed Or Anything

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