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Vote 2016: Start

Why Vote?

It is your right to vote and your responsibility to participate in the political process. Many people made tremendous sacrifices to ensure that we have the right to vote and determine the future of the country. Exercise that right. And here are some other reasons:

How Do I Vote?

Which Polls Should I Follow?

These sites provide access to and analysis of major polls, as well as news coverage of the election.

Election 2016


Election Day 2016 is on November 8. We've pulled together a number of resources to help you explore the candidates and the issues at local, state and national levels. We've also included information about political groups on campus. And we've included information on voter registration.

No matter who you vote for in November, exercise your right to vote! 

Voting in St. Peter

UPDATED 11/7/16 - follow this Hot Sheet link for additional information about where Gusties can vote in St. Peter (there are two polling places in town).

This information comes from the St. Peter Weekly Hot Sheet (linked to the left):

"VOTER REGISTRATION If you are not registered to vote....or if you moved or changed your name since the last time you still have time to pre-register to vote. Pre- registration will save you lots of time on what will surely be a very busy Election Day.

Voter pre-registration can be done online at Voter Registration or in person at the Nicollet County Government Center (501 South Minnesota Avenue). Voters have until 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday, October 18th to pre-register to vote.

Gustavus students please note.... Students are not allowed to use 800 West College Avenue as their address for voting purposes. Students living in Gustavus controlled housing must use their dorm name and room number as their address for voting. This allows election officials to determine which actual precinct students live in as the campus is split among multiple precincts. Students living off- campus must use the actual street address of their residence.

For questions about voter registration, please feel free to call the City Administrator’s Office at 507-934-0663 or check out our website at election information." 

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Who Should I Vote For?

We can't (and won't) tell you who to vote for. But what we can do is point you to resources to help you decide which candidates you are going to support.

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