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Resources for Faculty: FAQs / Your Research

Resources for Faculty Research

Although our collections are geared primarily toward supporting our undergraduate curriculum, the library is committed to supporting faculty research. Interlibrary Loan is a valuable resource for accessing materials at research libraries. Additionally, we encourage you to talk to one of the librarians about your own research needs.

Citation management programs
Gustavus does not have a site license for Endnote, but there are other tools to help you keep track of sources.

Sources for grants
from the Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations.

Copyright crash course
from the University of Texas

Copyright information and resources
from the University of Minnesota

The Library Collection is Built Through Partnership

The departmental allocation

The library allocates a certain amount of money annually to each department and program to recommend books and other purchases. One member of each department coordinates these recommendations. How you choose to handle that allocation is a departmental matter. Some like to allocate a fixed amount to each faculty member. Others simply place orders as requests are made. It's your choice. Just be aware that what you request should be suitable for an undergraduate readership. See our Collection Development Policy for more details.

Books in other areas

You may want to recommend books to the library that aren't specific to your departmental program. Please feel free to pass such recommendations along to the library. We want to build interdisciplinary areas as well.


Currently we acquire DVD versions of videos because streaming options don't offer the price and usage rights that work best for us. We encourage departments to order videos through the library so they can be a campus-wide resource. (We also often get discounts.) We can put videos on reserve for your students to view in the library or check them out to you for classroom use. The check-out period for videos is shorter than for books, but we can extend the period as needed.

Subscriptions to journals and electronic databases

Journals and databases, both ongoing subscriptions, aren't purchased out of these departmental allocations. Librarians consider database requests individually as they arise. Though we welcome suggestions, we are cautious about making additions. When subscription prices are unsustainable for us, we do provide individual articles, usually within 24-48 hours.

Special funds

In addition to funds allocated to the department, the library has funding available to fill in gaps. You may want to recommend books to the library that aren't specific to your departmental program. Please feel free to pass such recommendations along to the library. Though we aim to support the curriculum, we want to build a solid undergraduate collection that covers areas not necessarily specific to our course offerings.

We also have several endowed lines that have a subject focus. We appreciate your help in making use of these funds.

  • Alexis - American Studies
  • Drache - Western European History
  • Ebba Carlson - for cutting-edge materials in the field of biology
  • Edgar M. Carlson - Religion; Lutheran studies in particular
  • Gender, Women's, and Sexuality Studies
  • GLA Diversity - for purchasing materials related to diversity widely-defined
  • Moe - legal materials related to our mission and curriculum
  • Scandinavian Studies
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