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ART110: Drawing : Finding Information

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Art books are upstairs in two areas.

N (facing Beck Hall) is the section of the general collection for art books.

Oversized books are shelved in a separate section at the back - and many art books are too big to fit on the regular shelves.

Sometimes browsing, using tables of contents and indexes, is a way to find what books include information on your artist.

Looking Inside Books

It's difficult to know exactly where in a book your artwork might appear. Be prepared to browse upstairs. Look for books about the artist or the place and period in which your artwork was created (or perhaps was believed to have been created!) Write down the call numbers. Then sit on the floor and take your time looking through the books. Use the index and/or table of contents to see if your artwork is included. 

If you want to see whether a particular person or work of art is mentioined in a book, you might try search Google Books, Hathi Trust, or Amazon. In some cases, but certainly not all, the full text of books have been scanned and are searchable, though you will not be able to print out or in some cases even see more than a few words surrounding your search results.  However, this might help you decide whether to order a book through interlibrary loan. 

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