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E/M 385: Public Finance: Sample Articles

Types of Research - Sample Articles

Empirical Paper

Choi, Taelim. 2015. "Understanding Environmental Responsibility of Cities and Emissions Embodied in Trade. Economic Systems Research, 27, no. 2: 133-153.

Literature Review

Craven, Barrie, and Michael L. Marlow. 2008. "Economic Effects of Smoking Bans on Restaurants and Pubs." Economic Affairs, 28, no. 4: 57-61.

Cost/Benefit Analysis

Paulrud, Anton, and Thomas Laitila. 2013. "A Cost-Benefit Analysis of Restoring the Em River in Sweden: Valuation of Angling Site Characteristics and Visitation Frequency." Applied Economics, 45, no. 16: 2255-2266.

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