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REL 240: Prophets: Biblical Commentaries

Browsing for Books

Books are shelved in general subject categories using the Library of Congress classification system. You may want to supplement your use of the catalog with browsing shelf areas for your topic. 

Biblical Studies all are found under BS. See more specifics below. 

  • BS 647 Prophecy
  • BS 1198 Prophecy in the Hebrew Scriptues
  • BS 1241-1245 Exodus
  • BS 1286 Prophets in the Hebrew Bible
  • BS  1301-1305 Judges
  • BS 1321-1325 Samuel
  • BS 1331-1335 Kings
  • BS 1501-1505 Prophetic Books
  • BS 1508-1509 Major and Latter Prophets 
  • BS 1511-1520 Isaiah 
  • BS 1521-1525 Jeremiah
  • BS 1541-1545 Ezekiel
  • BS 1560 Minor Prophets
  • BS 1561-1565 Hosea
  • BS 1581-1585 Amos
  • BS 1601-1605 Jonah
  • BS 1621-1625 Nahum
  • BS 1631-1635 Habakkuk
  • BS 1651-1655 Haggi
  • BS 1660-1665 Zechariah 

Researching Biblical Passages

Biblical commentaries are a category of texts that, as their name implies, provides commentary on biblical passages. They define terms, discuss major themes, and identify how a particular collection of verses fits within the larger book.  There are a few key ways to find biblical commentaries in our library. The first is to use the commentaries that are in the Reference section, listed below. The second way is to search the library catalog to find commentaries in the General Collection - as a bonus, you can check these out!

Biblical Commentaries in the Reference Section

Reference books are found on the main floor of the library facing Beck Hall.

Biblical Commentaries in the General Collection

This includes multi-volume series where each volume is a commentary on a book of the Bible, as well as separately published commentaries on individual Biblical books.Use the Browse for Books box to the left for call number areas to browse and/or search like this:

To search the catalog effectively, go to the Advanced Search screen. Enter the word "commentaries" in on search box, and set the drop down menu to Subject. Then enter the name of your book of the Bible (like Matthew or Genesis) in another search box. Then search & see what you find.

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