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What Can You Ask Us?

Can you help my students get started on research?

Can you take a look at this research assignment and tell me if you think students will get what I want them to learn?

Can you meet with my students out of class? 

Can you help my department think about what our students need to know about finding and using information in the major? 

Can you fix this library thing that appears to be broken? 

Can you help me find stuff I need for my research?

Can you tell me if this journal or publisher is legit? 

Can you help me set up software to manage my citations?

What is RSS? Open access? Zotero? This new thing everyone is talking about?

Can I use or modify this thing, or will copyright lawyers come after me?

How do I know whether this use of a copyrighted thing is a fair use?

Do you know ways I can protect my privacy online?

I'm planning a sabbatical, and things have really changed since my last big project. Can you walk me through some of this new stuff?

Can I ask you something? . . . 

A Teaching Library

The library partners with classroom faculty across all disciplines to help students develop sophisticated research skills.  This partnership forms the core of our goals for student learning (pdf).  We offer a variety of strategies, tips and proven methods for helping students develop sophisticated research skills (known in higher education & library circles as information literacy). We also want to do what we can to support your research and help you keep up, even at a college with limited resources and a focus on undergraduates. 


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Library Faculty

Barbara Fister, x7553

Rachel Flynn, x7429

Julie Gilbert, x7552

Anna Hulseberg, x7566

Jeff Jenson, x7572

Dan Mollner, x7569

Michelle Twait, on leave 2018-19

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