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NUR 202: Research and Ethics: Examine Sources Assignment

Examine Sources Assignment - Due March 10


  1. Start evaluating sources & tracing the scholarly conversation
  2. Identify additional questions about conducting your literature review

INSTRUCTIONS  Use your assigned article you were assigned and the search strategies we discussed in the library session 2 to answer the questions in this Google form ( ). The form is due March 10.

As a reminder, here are the article assignments:
1. - Lukas, Princess, Spencer
2. - Kelsey, Brianna P, Kristina
3. -  Martina, Eh De
4. -  Alyssa, Brianna S.
5. -  Kenzie, Alysha
6. -  Xeanna, Emma A., Theadosia
7. -  Emma D-B., Jaret, Luke
8. -  Caitlin, Youa



Retrieve your assigned article in full text. Skim through the article, paying attention to the abstract, introduction, and discussion/conclusions.

  1. Write the full citation for the article in APA style.
  2. From what discipline is this journal? (Nursing, general medical, other?)
  3. What is the research question studied in the article?
  4. Briefly summarize the findings (1 or 2 sentences)
  5. How might this article be a useful source as you write your literature review?
  6. Skim the list of references and find at least one additional source that looks promising. Record the citation in APA style.


  1. Where will you search for more articles for your literature review? (List at least one specific database or site.)
  2. What keywords will you use when searching for additional articles?
  3. Enter at least one remaining question you have about conducting research for the literature review assignment.

QUESTIONS?  Ask Librarian Anna Hulseberg or Professor Lynnea Myers.

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