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SCA 360: Nordic Colonialisms and Postcolonial Studies: Start

Doing Research Well

Starting research can be overwhelming. So many questions to explore. So many places to search. And all of this can be complicated by trying to track down materials. This guide provides tips and ideas for researching your topic, as well as additional resources (like me!) that can continue to help you throughout this process.

Use the Search Tips link (above) for methods of doing research throughout your entire search process. Use the Tracking Down Materials tab to - as you may have guessed - find hard copies of materials, which can be tricky. You should also consider the interdisciplinary aspects of your topics. Use the Research Guides page to expand your option of resources to consult.

This guide is intended to help you locate resources but remember - finding resources is a process of questioning, searching, and then sharpening your questions and looking again. Don't expect to find all of your sources at once or wait to read them at the last minute. Each valuable source is likely to kick up more questions and link you through citations to more relevant information. And in the end, you will be the ones drawing conclusions.

Here's another way to look at it:



Sources for News

The Local is an English-language news source focusing on news and entertainment in a variety of countries. It includes three Nordic countries.

On Twitter, you can follow Nordic News (it's unclear who is behind this account, but it does provide links to breaking news) or for fun follow @Sweden, which features a new Swede every week.

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Finding more research, critique, and interpretation

Finding Social Statistics and Government Information

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