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Nobel Conference - Big Data (R)Evolution: Start

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Visit for more information about this year's conference, including the schedule and speakers.

In addition, browse the curated content related to different themes of the conference.

Researching Big Data & Related Topics

Welcome to the Library's online research guide for Nobel Conference 57: Big Data (R)Evolution!

Librarians often talk about research as an adventure:  open-ended, exploratory, surprising, frustrating, and full of blind alleys and interesting side trips.  Research related to big data is no different, but also has its own complexities.  For example, most of us are not statisticians and the average person lacks the expertise needed to understand and interpret scientific studies and research articles.  In addition, statistics can be manipulated, massaged, and misstated - leading to the spread of misinformation. 

In this guide, you will find resources that have been selected for their quality as reliable sources.  In addition, you will find guidance on evaluating and critically assessing information you might find elsewhere (your local librarian can also help you determine the best resources for your research topic).    


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