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Nobel Conference - Big Data (R)Evolution: Books

Where are the books by the Nobel Conference speakers?

The process of writing and publishing a book can take over a year and, in the meantime, new information and studies have come to light.  This means that books on a topic like big data can go out-of-date very quickly.  Researchers studying big data and related topics, including those speaking at the Nobel Conference, primarily share their findings is by publishing in scholarly or scientific journals. 

The titles listed here include some books that have chapters written by our Nobel speakers, but you'll find much more by searching for the speaker's name in one or more of the databases listed on the 'Articles' tab. 

So why use books at all?  Well, the articles written in scholarly and scientific journals are aimed at an audience of other statisticians and scientists.  Since research studies use scientific terms, it may be hard for a person without a science or math background to interpret them.  Books are often written for general audiences, so a book can be a good place to start in understanding a complex topic like big data.

The books listed here can be found on the display shelves near the Library's main entrance.  

Wendy Chun

Francesca Dominici

Michael Osterholm

Talithia Williams

Recently Published Books

Recently Published Books

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