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REL 132: Religion and Ecology: Websites

Websites for Christian Denominations

If you are looking for a denomination's stance on climate change (or ecology in general), try these approaches: 

  • Google your topic - be sure to check, however, that you're finding the right denomination and their official stance on ecology.  For example, make sure you're not looking at Missouri Synod Lutheran documents if you're working with the ELCA.  Also, different denominations have different ways of making official statements.  Some are fairly formal, and will have statements endorsed by national bodies (often at a national meeting), while others will be less structured.  This is a good point to chat with your professor or a librarian if you're having trouble decoding whatever you find.
  • Start with the Listing of Official Denominational Website (link below) to make sure you're finding the official pages for your denomination.

Explore the other links in this list to find information about your denomination (and/or Christianity as a whole) and how it views ecology.  The list is by no means comprehensive, but I've including some top, reliable websites as places to start.


Websites for World Religions & Secular Statements

The Yale Forum on Religion and Ecology (linked below) is a great site for your research.  The site contains information on all major world religions, including an overview of the faith tradition, major teachings, and ways in which the religion addresses issues of ecology and environmentalism.

  • Tip: click on the World Religions link to explore specific faith traditions
  • Look at the bottom of each entry for a comprehensive list of links and bibliographies.  This one-stop-shopping will give you plenty of resources.

I've also included a selection of other sites that may help you in your research. Be aware that this list is not comprehensive.


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