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GEG 246: Urban Geography: Articles

Places to Search for Scholarly Articles

Selected Journals to Consult

Selected Articles on the "Right to the City"

Below is just a sampling of articles available on the right to the city. Most of these citations were found in Academic Search Premier. Reminder: when searching library databases, if a full text PDF does not appear, use the yellow "Find It!" button to request an article through Interlibrary Loan.

Attoh, Kafui A. "What Kind of Right Is the Right to the City?" Progress in Human Geography 35.5 (2011): 669-685.

Friendly, Abigail. "The Right to the City: Theory and Practice in Brazil." Planning Theory & Practice 14.2 (2013): 158-179.

Harvey, David. "The Right to The City." International Journal of Urban & Regional Research 27.4 (2003): 939-941.

Meagher, Sharon M. "Critical Thinking about the Right to the City: Mapping Garbage Routes." City 14.4 (2010): 427-433.

Pietrus, Matthew F. "The Right to the City in the Informal Sector: Claiming Rights or Gaining Access in Kampala, Uganda?" Geographical Bulletin 56.1 (2015): 3-26.

Purcell, Mark. "Possible Worlds: Henri Lefebvre and the Right to the City." Journal of Urban Affairs 36.1 (2014): 141-154.

Shin, Hyun Bang. "The Right to the City and Critical Reflections on China's Property Rights Activism." Antipode 45.5 (2013): 1167-1189

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