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REL 350: Apocalypse: Biblical Studies

Bible Dictionaries

Bible dictionaries provide brief, introductory articles on the people, places, customs, and texts of the Bible. Bible dictionaries are all located in the Reference section.

Biblical Commentaries

Biblical commentaries are written by biblical scholars and provide interpretations and detailed analyses of Biblical texts. Commentaries define terms, discuss major themes, and identify how a particular collection of verses fits within a larger book.  Essentially, the commentator explains her or his take on what the original author was conveying.  Since interpretations of the Bible vary widely, biblical commentaries also vary widely in terms of methods and interpretations.

Commentaries can be found in both the Reference (in-library use only) and General Collection (can be checked out). If the call number begins with REF, find it on the second floor Reference section. If the call number simply begins BS (short for Biblical Studies), you'll find it on the third floor.

The following is a list of recommended sources; the list is not comprehensive. Be sure to browse the shelves nearby to find related sources. You can also search the library's catalog to find more: In the Advanced Search screen, enter "commentaries" in one search box and change the drop down menu to Subject. In a separate box, enter the name of a book of the Bible.

Scholarly Articles about the Bible

You can also find articles written about specific biblical passages in the ATLA Religion Database.  There are two primary ways to do this:

  • Click on "Scriptures" on the very top menu bar.  Select an entire book or use the expand option to narrow to specific chapters/verses.  NOTE: While this can lead you to good articles, you should only use this option after you've looked at biblical commentaries in the Reference and General Collections.  It will take you a little more time to scroll through articles than it will to use a book.
  • Do a keyword search for your book and also use the word "commentary" in the search box.
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