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REL 102: Ancient Writing: Start

How to use this guide

This guide provides links to library resources on ancient writings. Coming to the building requires making a trip in the cold, but it will save you time over doing google searches and trying to figure out what sources might be reliable or not. Plus we have comfy chairs and couches! 

You also will not find everything you need in the library itself, nor is this guide comprehensive. In some places, I've made notes about additional ways to search for your topics. You'll also want to work with your professor directly to identify appropriate sources. Feel free to contact me with questions. Use the contact info underneath my picture to email me or set up an appointment. --Julie

P.S. Here's a guide with common library questions & answers.

Reference Books - Start Here!

Whatever your language, you'll find sections of the following reference books to be extremely helpful. For some languages, these might be the only resources that have information about your language. Look in the index or table of contents to locate information specific to your language. Browse the shelves near these books as well, to find related material. Notice that most of these books are in the P call number range, which includes materials about languages.

Reference books are located on the second (main) floor of the library.

More Library Books

In addition to the reference books listed in the box to the left, you'll want to see if the library has other books about your language. The follow books are representative of the kinds of material you might find. You should also talk with Professor Broida about resources, including books she may have borrowed from other libraries for your use.

You will notice that most of the following books are in the PJ call number area....which tells us that most books about ancient writings will be in this area. I highly recommend you locate some of the books below on the shelf and then browse the shelves nearby to find related books. You should also search the library catalog to see what else the library has. 



Julie Gilbert's picture
Julie Gilbert
Hello! I'm on sabbatical during the 2020-2021 academic year. If you have a question about research, an assignment, or the library, please contact any of the reference librarians at or via the Ask Us! button on the library's homepage.

Julie's Search Tips

  • Be creative:  brainstorm various ways and places you can search for your topic.
  • Be persistent: don't let a dead end or problem stop you.
  • Ask if you have any questions or encounter any issues - research is complex and complicated, so don't feel like you've failed if you need to ask for help. Librarians ask each other for research help all the time!
  • Give yourself lots of time to conduct your research.

Above all, use the resources available to you. Take initiative. Explore the information sources on this guide, search the library catalog and databases, talk to a librarian, visit the Writing Center, ask your professor for advice, talk about your topic with classmates and friends...the possibilities are endless.

Remember, research is a conversation and YOU are a part of that conversation. For more, here's a great video from the UNLV libraries.

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