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Science!: Read All About It

Why Read About Science?

Because it matters now as much as it ever has. Besides, it can be fun! This guide points to books and sites that can enrich your knowledge without tears.

Recommended Reading

Happy Birthday, Charles Darwin!

Charles Darwin

February 12th is the birthday of Charles Darwin. We thought it was a good day to recommend some reading about science, so we asked faculty and we scanned our shelves to come up with fun and interesting books, websites, and videos about science.

Portrait by George Richmond, ca. late 1830s via Wikimedia.

Keep Up, Have Fun

We polled science faculty. Here are some of the sites they recommend.

If you want to give your eyes a break from the screen, you can check out the magazine New Scientist. The current issue of this sharp and entertaining British magazine is in our Non-Required Reading section near the front door.

New Scientist

What Do You Recommend?

Science and Society

Science is conducted within a social, political, and economic context that influences what questions are asked and how experiments are conducted. These books examine some of the ethical issues that arise.


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