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Activism: Librarians as Activists

Why are the librarians so up in arms?

In the past several months, there's been a surge in activism by libraries and librarians. You may be wondering, why? Aren't librarians those nice, quiet people with the glasses and the hair in buns? Aren't libraries quiet places with books and stuff?

While most librarians are nice and libraries do have books, libraries are not neutral spaces. They are places that uphold certain core values, as defined by the American Library Association. Among these are the core values of diversity, intellectual freedom, the public good and social responsibility. Here's how we talk about it at the Gustavus Library.

On this page we've put together resources and information about how libraries (and bookstores, museums, archives and other like-minded institutions) are responding to the challenges of the day. Please note that by providing these links we are not endorsing any political party; rather, we are sharing resources about the core values of libraries & how various libraries are addressing those great challenges.

You Know It's Bad...


Other Institutions Taking Action

Libraries Taking Action

Reasons for Action

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