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FTS: Reproductive Technologies: Research Tools and Tips

Finding Information

You will need to find good information to prepare your annotated bibliography and to build your website. The goals for this session are to:

  • Learn ways to make your Google searching more effective.
  • Gain experience with library search tools – the catalog and article databases.
  • Get familiar with the library – how things are organized, what places & resources are available.  
  • Develop criteria for screening sources for quality and appropriateness.
  • Discover sources for images you can use without copyright concerns.

Useful Google Hacks

  • Limit a search by domain type: egg donors
  • Exclude domains from a search: egg donors –
  • Limit a search to recent publications: at the top of your search results, click on tools and choose a time period (helpful if you want up-to-date information)
  • Search two related terms at once using OR: egg OR oocyte
  • Put a phrase in quotes: Intracytoplasmic sperm transfer”
  • Not sure where a page comes from? Delete everything in the URL after the first / to go to the root page 
  • Use a specialized Google search to focus on news, images, or scholarly publications 

Useful Websites

Organizations and Government Agencies

Medical Research Reports 

Information Sources for Non-Specialists

Sample Web Sites
These sites are examples of well-organized, engaging, and accessible (clearly written, straight-forward, and audience-appropriate) content.

Find Reusable Images

Flickr - a social networking site for photos. To find photos licensed for reuse, narrow a search by clicking on the drop down "any license" link and choose "creative commons."

Google Images - go to, search, then at the top of your results choose Tools > Usage Rights > Labeled for Reuse

Unsplash - a source of pictures for illustrating websites; the search function is not highly specific.

Wikimedia Commons – repository of millions of images and videos either in the public domain or licensed for reuse.

NOTE: when building a website, you should use images that are licensed for reuse, are in the public domain, or are photos you took yourself. It's good practice to indicate the source of images and to avoid reusing copyrighted images.

Find Library Resources

What Floor Is It On?

Books in the general collection with call numbers starting with A - PQ are shelved on the upper level

Books  in the general collection with call numbers starting with PR - Z are on the main floor

Many books on reproductive technology are found in a book case near the front door; these have a call number ending with Entrance Display


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Reference Librarians

Books of Interest

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