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FTS: Literature of Travel: Books

Tips for Searching the Catalog

Search our catalog (start on the library's main page) and write down location information for books that sound promising. When you go to the shelves, browse the area around the books - there may be additional useful information shelved nearby.

A search like the following example might be very helpful: 

  • su:(Germany) AND kw:(Map) AND kw:(Travel)

You can limit a search by

  • ​language
  • format (e.g. map)
  • date published

Sometimes a particular word or phrase seems to unlock your search magically. As you explore your topic, keep an eye out for key words and phrases that the experts use. If you're having trouble, check with your instructor or a reference librarian.

Exploring in the Library and Online

Exploring can be frustrating at times. You might find yourself having to back up when you reach a barrier. You might encounter a river of information and not know how to cross it. There may be snakes. (Don't worry - there aren't any in the library.) If you think of it as a journey of discovery, a chance to find things out rather than a destination that seems hard to reach, you'll have more fun.

old map

photo of an old map courtesy of Rosario Fiore

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