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Vote 2018: Start

Why Vote?

It is your right to vote and your responsibility to participate in the political process. Many people made tremendous sacrifices to ensure that we have the right to vote and determine the future of the country. Exercise that right. And here are some other reasons:

How do I vote?

Barriers to Voting

We recognize that there are many factors that prevent citizens from voting in local, state, and national elections. Organizations like the Center for Civic Design point to the many barriers that voters face both prior to and on election day. These barriers mean that votes don't get cast. To ensure that as many people as possible exercise their right to vote, we've included a link to the center's work in reducing these barriers. Additionally, check out this helpful infographic from the Center for Civic Design that shows the varying journeys and experiences that influence how and if Americans get to the polls.

Election Day 2018 is on November 6. We've pulled together a number of resources to help you explore the candidates. We've also included information about political groups on campus. And, most importantly, we've included information on voter registration.

No matter who you vote for in November, exercise your right to vote! 

Gustavus students please note: Students are not allowed to use 800 West College Avenue as their address for voting purposes. Students living in Gustavus controlled housing must use their dorm name and room number as their address for voting. This allows election officials to determine which actual precinct students live in as the campus is split among multiple precincts. Students living off-campus must use the actual street address of their residence.

For questions about voter registration, please feel free to call the City Administrator’s Office at 507-934-0663 or check out the city's website for election information.

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Who should I vote for?

We can't (and won't) tell you who to vote for. But what we can do is point you to resources to help you decide which candidates you are going to support. A good place to start for those voting in Nicollet and Blue Earth County is this helpful Election Guide. Created by Indivisible St. Peter/Greater Mankato, this non-partisan guide includes some great resources, including a sample ballot, overview of governmental structures with charts and maps, descriptions of government offices, and side-by-side candidate comparisons drawn from candidates' own websites.

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