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A Teaching Library

Welcome to the Gustavus Library! At our core, we are a teaching library. We partner with classroom faculty across all disciplines to help students develop sophisticated research skills.  We are an essential resource for supporting research, scholarship, creativity and dialogue across campus. Our curriculuar partnership forms the core of our goals for student learning (pdf).  We offer a variety of strategies, tips and proven methods for helping students develop sophisticated research skills (known in higher education & library circles as information literacy). We also want to support your research and help you keep up, even at a college with limited resources and a focus on undergraduates. 

This guide introduces many ways we can work with you, as well as providing answers to many frequently asked questions. We've also got separate guides about teaching research - we had so much information that it took two guides to share it all!

Above all, we want to build relationships with you. You can work with your liaison librarian or contact any one of us. We look forward to working with you!


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