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We Are Still Here: Indigenous People Worldwide

Out of Scandinavia

This year's Out of Scandinavia program brings Sofia Jannok to Gustavus. She is a Sami singer, songwriter, and environmental activist who reminds us all that "we are still here" - that indigenous people are part of the modern world just as her music is influenced both by contemporary pop music and by the traditional Sami yoik. This guide highlights collections related to indigenous peoples globally.


A Note About Naming

Searching for information about indigenous peoples can be complicated by the politics of naming. Do catalogers use the word Sami, Sapmi, or Lapp? What about Eskimo versus Inuit? Dakota or Sioux? Ojibwe, Anisinaabe, or Chippewa? As you search, be aware that the names of groups have changed over time and subject headings or database descriptors may use a name that seems incorrect or even offensive. 

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Indigenous Methodologies

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