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S/A 247: Methods of Social Research: Articles

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Recommended Article Databases

Use these databases to find scholarly/peer reviewed/academic (secondary) articles about your topics.

Open Access in Sociology

Many scholars want their research to have an impact on society. Because subscription journals are only available to those with a certain amount of privilege, many scholars are posting their work online. Sometimes a publisher won't allow the final article to be posted (because they'll lose money) so a manuscript version may be what you find. They are often identical to or very close to the final published version, but if you're relying on a source, it's a good idea to get your hands on the version of record - the final published version. 

Some sociologists are posting papers and datasets at a site where they are available to all. It's so new, it's not very full yet, but in time it should be a valuable site for people whether or not they have access to expensive journals. 

Gustavus is doing its part to make research freely available. If you have a paper you're proud of, consider submitting it to Gustie Scholar. 

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