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JSTOR: Troubleshooting Access Issues

Are you having trouble accessing JSTOR from off campus? This is a known issue that JSTOR is currently working on. While the fix is pending, JSTOR customer support offers the following information about stopgap solutions:

  • Clearing your cookies and cache will resolve the problem temporarily.
  • A common cause of the issue recurring quickly is not fully clearing your cookies. The Chrome browser defaults to clearing cookies only from the last 24 hours. Please select "All Time" when asked for a time range.
  • Users may also be able to sidestep the issue by:
    • Temporarily switching to a "private window" or "incognito mode."
    • Accessing directly and logging in with a personal account. Users can access JSTOR content without using the proxy as long as their personal account was previously linked to an institution (by logging in on campus, for example).

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E-resources Updates

New for 2024-25!

New for 2023-2024!

Books at JSTOR (ebooks)
The Library provides access to ebooks through the JSTOR Evidence-Based Acquisition (EBA) program for 2023-24.
The program includes ebooks published in 2020 or earlier (coming in January 2024: ebooks published in 2021). Access this collection by searching the Library’s online catalog and limiting the "source type" to "eBooks."

MIT Press Direct 2 Open (e-books)
The Library is excited to announce our participation in Direct 2 Open, an independent, cost-effective, and accessible way for libraries to offer MIT Press e-books to their patrons. The program allows for unlimited simultaneous users and the e-books are DRM-free: users can print, copy and paste, and download PDFs by chapter. You can access this collection by searching the Library’s online catalog and limiting the "source type" to "eBooks."

Upcoming Changes

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