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Zines! : About Zines

About zines at our library and elsewhere

What are Zines?

First, it's pronounced ZEEEEN.

Zines are hand-made and photocopied books. They tackle a wide variety of subjects, including political, feminist, literary, how-to, or personal (perzines). They are part of an expressive tradition stretching all the way back to Elizabethan pamphlets, with particular roots in fanzines and feminist expression of the 1990s.

Our zine collection is a small one designed to provide alternative perspectives and to provide a sense of the aesthetic of zines.

For more background on zines, see Jenna Freedman's definition-essay posted at the (awesome) Barnard Zine Library site.



Information about Zines

Our zine collection is shelved near the new books on the main floor and are shelved more or less alphabetically by title. They can be checked out for two weeks. All of them are cataloged. Enjoy! For more information, check out these sites. 

We hope to add more zines over time, so if you are zinester, let us know! You can see some of our zine covers below.

Zine Libraries

Zine Scholarship

Jason Luther of Syracuse University started a Zotero group for citations to scholarship on zines. Check out the group library to browse lots of books and articles on zines. 



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Website / Blog Page

Zines Online

Zines are not blogs. Blogs are not zines. However, there is a site where zinesters have uploaded PDF copies of their work.The site is international and primarily focuses on radical politics, with categories ranging from Ableism to War and Imperialism. Though it's not the same as holding a copy in your hand, it can be useful to see what's out there.

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