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POL 399: Politics of Reconciliation: In Class Prompts

In Class Prompts

As you conduct research during our library session and beyond, use these prompts to shape your research path. Use whichever ones speak to you & that help you go further in your work. Use the course guide to help figure out new sources and methods to use:

  • Describe your topic, including any gaps or questions you have.  What’s unclear? What do you know for certain? what are you especially excited to explore?
  • Where are you right now with your research? Write a brief summary of what you know so far, where you've searched, and what questions you have right now. 
  • What issues have you encountered so far? Note anything from difficulty with figuring out the right terms, finding sources, narrowing your topic, etc.?
  • What are some of the scholars and themes that keep popping up in your sources? Note them as they arise and use those notes to search further. (Hint: Most academic journals & books contain a section or two that discusses prior research, like a literature review.)
  • Start planning ahead. What are the next few steps you are going to take?

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