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GACA Collection 399. Center for Inclusive Excellence. Collection of the Center for Inclusive Excellence, 1989-Ongoing: Overview

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To learn more about this collection please see the finding aid link found above, and/or visit the College and Lutheran Church Archives to use these primary sources.

Collection Description

Center for Inclusive Excellence.  Collection of the Center for Inclusive Excellence, 1989-Ongoing.  GACA Collection 399.   ½ Hollinger box, 1 oversize folder, and digital media.

The Center for Inclusive Excellence collection contains consultant’s reports regarding Gustavus’ multiracial community, a memo requesting proposals for educational activities which promote diversity, event schedules, committee minutes, and the Diversity Center newsletters.  Some materials relate to the office’s previous name: Office of Multicultural Student Programs and Services and Diversity Center.

Organization Note

The Center for Inclusive Excellence (aka: The Center/CIE) is a welcoming and supportive place that accepts and appreciates individuals from all walks of life.  We invite you to support us in our efforts by...

•    joining a student organization whose mission is aligned with the principles of social justice,
•    attending campus events that promote diversity, equity, inclusion and social justice work, 
•    meeting with staff in The Center to develop an individual student success plan, and more importantly,
•    meet and become acquainted with someone who you believe is unlike yourself.

Programs & Initiatives: Our goal is to connect you with educational programming, campus events/activities, and resources, that will help you dig deeper into the terms: culture, diversity, equity, inclusion, social justice, identity, and intersectionality.

The Physical Space: We invite you to come to The Center!  Our goal is to make this a space where "you can be who you are, and where you are appreciated for who you are."
The Center for Inclusive Excellence may be our new name, but our motto is still the same: "ALL MEANS ALL".

*Taken from the CIE website, 9 October 2020 (

The Office of Multicultural Student Programs and the Diversity Center changed its name to the Center for Inclusive Excellence in the fall of 2019.

It is the mission of the Diversity Center and the Office of Multicultural Student Programs and Services to provide leadership for positive and equitable change that creates a welcoming and supportive environment for persons historically under-served in American colleges and universities. We partner with faculty, staff and students to design activities that infuse into college life an acceptance and appreciation for difference that is morally and socially just.

We co-create a learning environment that enhances relationships with the wider community in collaboration with campus departments to offer cultural, educational and mentoring programs for students. We also partner with faculty and staff to effectively support the academic, cultural and social adjustment of students from various multicultural backgrounds.

*Mission statement taken from Diversity Center website, 27 August 2015.,

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