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FTS: Genetic Testing: Research Tools and Tips

Tips for Searching Google

  • Limit a search to recent publications: at the top of your search results, click on tools and choose a time period (helpful if you want up-to-date information)
  • Limit a search by domain type: genetic testing
  • Exclude domains from a search: genetic testing breast cancer –
  • Put a phrase in quotes: amyotrophic lateral sclerosis”
  • Search for related terms together: "amyotrophic lateral sclerosis" OR "lou gehrig's disease" 
  • Not sure where a page comes from? Delete everything in the URL after the first / to go to the root page 
  • Select News at the top of your search results to focus on news reporting.

Useful Websites

Most genetic diseases have organizations that help affected people find information, raise funds for research, and advocate in Washington for support. While these are advocacy groups with a distinct point of view, they are often useful sources of basic information. 

Library Databases

What Floor Is It On?

Books in the general collection with call numbers starting with A - PQ are shelved on the upper level

Books  in the general collection with call numbers starting with PR - Z are on the main floor

Many books on reproductive technology are found in a book case near the front door; these have a call number ending with Entrance Display


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Reference Librarians

Books of Interest

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