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CAMC Collection 108. Hanel, Rachael. “Camilla Hall’s Place in the Symbionese Liberation Army” (Master’s Thesis), December 2004: Overview

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Collection Description

Hanel, Rachael.  “Camilla Hall’s Place in the Symbionese Liberation Army” (Master’s Thesis), December 2004.  CAMC Collection 108.  1 folder.

“The study first chronicles the 1970s radical group the Symbionese Liberation Army (SLA) and details the time and place that gave rise to the SLA.  Second, the study examines the early years of Camilla Christine Hall, who later became involved with the SLA.  Hall grew up in Minnesota, the daughter of a Lutheran pastor and his wife.  She later moved to California, where she met future members of the SLA.  Third, the study chronicles the intersection of Hall and the SLA, details Hall’s role in the group, and SLA’s actions that culminated in the death of Hall and five other members in a shoot-out and subsequent fire at a Los Angeles home 17 May 1974.  Finally, the study comes to the conclusion that Hall brought important radical ideas to the SLA and had a rightful place within the organization.”

*Taken from thesis.

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