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ENG 144: Science and Literature: Start

Welcome to the Library!

This guide contains resources to help you find and evaluate sources for your annotated bibliography and FAQ document, as well as general information about using the Library. Take some time to explore the guide - you'll notice that the guide has tabs to help you find different types of sources as well as ways to find more help. 

Don't hesitate to ask anyone at the Information Desk or Reference Desk if you have any questions - or send me an email (Anna Hulseberg, My contact information is also below my picture and I love hearing from students. ‚Äč

If you need a refresher, you can also find links to information like library hours and circulations policies (like how long you can check out books), as well as a bunch of other information on the Library's main page. I also recommend you consult our Library FAQs and our overview of the Library

Our Library

About Annotated Bibliographies

Library Session Slides

If you want a refresher from our library session, the slides from class are posted here.

More Guides

In addition to the resources available through the tabs on this guide, the Library has several other research guides that might help with your research, depending on your topic. Here are some recommended ones:

Gah! I need help!

Research can be both exciting and frustrating. Fortunately, there are lots of people on campus who can help.

  • Check with your professor if you aren't sure how to approach your assignment or want a second opinion on sources and strategies.
  • Stop by the Writing Center at any point during the process for expert advice from your talented peers.
  • The Academic Support Center can help with issues such as time management and organization.
  • Connect with librarians for any and all research questions. There are many ways to get in touch with us. 

You can always email Anna ( with any questions or to schedule a meeting. I'm happy to help with any and all of your research questions. Or if you just want to chat about your topic & create a strategy for searching, we can do that, too. 


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