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ENG 144: Science and Literature: Start


This guide was created to help you find and evaluate sources for your annotated bibliography and FAQ project. It's just a starting point - don't hesitate to contact a librarian for help at any step of the way!

Depending on your topic, you might also want to consult one of our subject-specific research guides (biology, environmental studies, English, etc.)

Library Session Slides

Student FAQ Samples

Gah! I need help!

Research can be both exciting and frustrating. Fortunately, there are lots of people on campus who can help.

  • Check with your professor if you aren't sure how to approach your assignment or want a second opinion on sources and strategies.
  • Stop by the Writing Center at any point during the process for expert advice from your talented peers.
  • The Academic Support Center can help with issues such as time management and organization.
  • Connect with librarians for any and all research questions. There are many ways to contact a librarian

You can always email Anna ( with any questions or to schedule a meeting. I'm happy to help with any and all of your research questions. Or if you just want to chat about your topic & create a strategy for searching, we can do that, too. 

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