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GACA Collection 184. Nobel Hall of Science Dedication Collection, 1962-1963: Overview

Digital Content

Portions of this collection have been digitized and are available online through our digital collections.

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Collection Description

Nobel Hall of Science Dedication Collection, 1962-1963.  GACA Collection 184.  1 Hollinger box, 1 small yellow box, and 1 flat box.

The Nobel Hall of Science Dedication collection contains materials from the dedication planning and ceremony for the Nobel Hall of Science at Gustavus Adolphus College on 4 May 1963.  Included in the collection are news releases and articles, programs, reservation lists and arrangements for guests, a guest book, addresses and greetings, correspondence, a photo album and some scrapbooks of newspaper clippings.

Historical Note

The Nobel Hall of Science dedication was attended by 26 Nobel Laureates from all over the United States and Sweden.  This was the third largest gathering of Nobel Laureates in history.  The dedication was also attended by representatives of the Nobel Foundation, including three of the eight members of its board of directors, who came from Sweden for the event.  They were the chairman of the board, executive director of the foundation, the vice-president of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences and director of the Stockholm Observatory, and an ambassador for the Swedish government.

Nobel Laureates in attendance:
Dr. James Franck
Dr. Harold C. Urey
Dr. William P. Murphy
Dr. Carl D. Anderson
Dr. Peter J.W. Debye
Dr. Edward A. Doisy
Dr. Wendell M. Stanley
Dr. Carl F. Cori
Dr. Arne Tiselius
Dr. Ralph J. Bunche
Dr. Philip S. Hench
Dr. Edward C. Kendall
Dr. Edwin M. McMillan
Dr. Glenn T. Seaborg
Dr. Linus C. Pauling
Dr. Polykarp Kusch
Dr. Walter H. Brattain
Dr. William B. Shockley
Dr. Andre F. Cournand
Dr. Edward L. Tatum
Dr. Emilio G. Segre
Dr. Severo Ochoa
Dr. Robert Hofstadter
Dr. Rudolf Moessbauer
Dr. Melvin Calvin
Dr. Georg Von Bekesy

*Information taken from collection.

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