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GACA Collection 187. Curriculum II. Records of Curriculum II Program, 1983-Ongoing: Overview

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Collection Description

Curriculum II.   Records of Curriculum II Program, 1983-Ongoing.  GACA Collection 187.  1 Records Center Carton, 1 oversize Hollinger box, and digital media.

The Curriculum II collection contains information regarding the Curriculum II program at Gustavus Adolphus College.  This includes program evaluations, financial information, faculty meeting minutes, retreat information, administrative files, and advising information from 1983 to the present.  As of Spring 2013 the name was changed to 3 Crowns Curriculum.

Historical Note

Curriculum II began during the 1984-1985 school year with the first students graduating in 1989.  The vision statement, found on the Gustavus Adolphus College website, describes Curriculum II as “focusing on the relationship between the individual and the community, the Curriculum II program examines the Western intellectual and cultural tradition, including the diversity within it.  Curriculum II is not an honors program, and criteria for selection emphasize the desire to identify a group which represents a normal sample of the Gustavus student body. The primary criterion for selection is the expressed interest by the student in pursuing the kind of integrated study represented by Curriculum II.  Throughout the four years, a series of social and intellectual experiences, including meetings, retreats, fine arts events, field trips and discussions, will encourage students to reflect upon the process in which they are participating, to apply their growing understanding of their cultural tradition to issues related to their major field of study and to the roles they will play as world citizens.  The total experience of Curriculum II should encourage students to identify or develop the values by which their decisions and actions are guided and to realize that these values are related to the social and cultural norms with which they live.”  Each incoming class is designated a team number.  This number corresponds to the students and teachers that will work together for the four years the student is in attendance.  For example, Team 10 begins with incoming freshman in the fall of 1994 and they stay together until graduation in 1998.

Scope and Content

This collection is divided into five categories: evaluations, financial, faculty meetings, retreats, and miscellaneous.

Evaluations contains evaluations of the Curriculum II program, blank forms, and results.  It is arranged chronologically.

Financial consists of mostly budgets, but also includes some endowment information and other expenses, arranged alphabetically and then chronologically.

Administrative is comprised of administrative files, assessments, curriculum files, team files, director files, and Curriculum II faculty minutes.

Retreats holds information for the planning and execution of both first year and senior Curriculum II retreats.  This section is arranged chronologically.

Miscellaneous encompasses advising information, proposals, team information, and more.  This section is arranged alphabetically and then chronologically.

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