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HIS 221: The Reformation: Start

Research Guide for HIS 221 : The Reformation

Welcome to the research guide for HIS 221: The Reformation.

A title page featuring Gothic lettering with images of lords and ladies in Renaissance clothing.
Title page of a pamphlet published by Martin Luther in 1533 to defend himself against accusations of inciting insurrection made against him by George Hertzog, Duke of Saxony

The Catholic Church in Rome held undivided control over Christianity in Western and Central Europe, until a group of religious dissenters that included Martin Luther, Huldrych Zwingli, and Jean Calvin staged a revolution that not only changed the common European's relationship with their faith, but also instigated over a hundred years of warfare and provided inspiration to other would-be revolutionaries through the centuries.

Your assignment for this course will require you to consult both primary and secondary sources in order to learn more about what life was like during the Reformation and Counter-Reformation as they were experienced in different countries of Europe. We have prepared this guide to show you the many forms that primary sources can take and your many options for accessing them, and how to find secondary sources that will provide reliable scholarly analysis of what these primary sources can tell us.

Fall 2021 reference (research) help:
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