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LCA Collection 038. Missionären: Tidskrift för Inre och Yttre Mission, 1870-1873: Overview

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Collection Description

Missionären: Tidskrift för Inre och Yttre, 1870-1873.  LCA Collection 38.  1 folder.

The Missionären collection contains the periodical Missionären: Tidskrift för Inre och Yttre Mission, (The Missionary: Journal for Home and Foreign Missions).  It was published in Chicago, Illinois by the Hemlandets Office and the Swedish Lutheran Publication Society.  It was a journal that focused on the mission activities and news of the early Augustana Synod, issued monthly.  Initially edited by Eric Norelius from 1870 to 1871, the position passed to J.P. Nyquist from 1871 to 1873.  Missionären eventually merged with Det Rätta Hemlandet och Augustana, Luthersk Kyrkotidning and Nytt och Gammalt to form Augustana in 1874. 

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