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LCA Collection 275. Augustana Lutheran Church. Foreign Missions of the Augustana Lutheran Church, 1922-1984: Overview

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Collection Description

Augustana Lutheran Church.  Foreign Missions of the Augustana Lutheran Church, 1922-1984.  LCA Collection 275.  1 Records Center Carton.

The Foreign Missions of the Augustana Lutheran Church collection contains annual reports, minutes, and narratives regarding foreign mission work.  The Augustana Lutheran Church, also known as the Augustana Synod, participated in missionary work in Tanganyika, China, Hong Kong, India, and Japan.  The church primarily focused on Tanganyika (now Tanzania) in Africa, a mission field they adopted from German missionaries who were banned after World War I and the Chinses province Honan (now Henan).

Scope and Content

This collection is divided into three series: Administration, Inter-Lutheran Organizations, and Missions.

Administration includes published materials regarding general information about the Church’s foreign mission work.

Inter-Lutheran Organizations encompasses minutes and periodicals that deal with foreign missionary work of multiple Lutheran Church Bodies.  The Augustana Lutheran Church was involved in these different organizations.

Missions consists of minutes, narratives, articles, and programs related to foreign missionary work.  This series is further divided by continent, and then by country.

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