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Teaching Research to First-Year Students: Assignment Prompts


On this page you'll find resources that connect you with easy-to-adapt research assignment prompts. We've also included examples of research projects that you can share with students. If you are looking for ideas that you can shape into your own prompts, please consult the Assignment Ideas page on this guide. 

Books from our Library

We have a number of books in our collection about teaching research and information literacy. We encourage you to check them out.

Resources from Other Libraries

We've compiled a selection of external guides and resources that contain suggestions and prompts for designing research assignments. 


If you're curious about some of the research being done on best practices for teaching research, consult these sources from Project Information Literacy, where one of the researchers is our own Professor Emerita Barbara Fister

Annotated Bibliographies

If you are assigning annotated bibliographies, here are some examples that you can share with your students.

Research Papers & Presentations

These resources contain examples and tips to share with your students.

Research Posters

Here are some examples of research posters, along with design tips, to share with students.

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