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Accessibility Services and Materials: Start


We strive to make the library accessible to all! This page outlines many resources available in the library that will address a variety of needs. If you have questions or suggestions about accessibility, please contact a librarian. We are always looking to make our spaces and services more accessible and value your input. 

For more information about technologies to facilitate learning, please visit the Academic Support Center's Accessible Technology web page. Technologies include alternative text formats, visual learning software, and more. We also recommend browsing all the accessibility services available through the Academic Support Center.

Accessibility and the Library

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Navigating the Library Building

The library's main exterior entrance (facing Old Main) is fully accessible, as is the glassed-in walkway between the campus center and the library. Our accessible bathroom is on the top (third) floor. The building's elevator is located near the Reference Desk.

Accessibility on Campus

Accessibility Campus Map

Shows where there are accessible parking spaces, building entrances, bathrooms, and medical assistance as well as where the slopes on sidewalks are too steep to meet accessibility standards.

Study Spaces

The library provides a variety of study spaces suitable for a range of user needs:

  • All three floors offer private study rooms on the south (Olin Hall side) of the building. Rooms are first come, first serve.
  • You will find individual study carrells, tables, couches and soft chairs on all three floors of the building. Noise levels differ by floor:
    • The bottom and main floors are especially appropriate for group study or for individuals who prefer ambient noise.
    • The top floor is the quiet floor and is intended for individuals who require silence while studying.
  • The Hasselquist room (main floor, the "room within a room") offers large workstations with individual task lighting.

Read&Write, Large Print Materials

Texthelp Read&Write literacy software is installed on all computers in the electronic classroom on the second floor. Among many features to assist in reading, Read&Write does text-to-speech on documents in Microsoft Word, PDFs, and web browsers. For more information and to register for an account with Read&Write, contact the Academic Support Center.

We have a limited number of materials available in large print formats. Most of our large print materials consist of fictional works. We are also able to borrow materials from other libraries to supplement our collection, via Interlibrary Loan. Talk with a librarian if you'd like some help with these requests.

Text-to-Speech Features

Many of our library databases, including the EBSCOhost databases such as Academic Search Premier, provide text-to-speech features. For more information on using this feature in EBSCO databases, visit the EBSCO support FAQ on text-to-speech.

Therapeutic Light Boxes

therapeutic light boxes





There are several therapeutic light boxes located throughout the library (east and west perimeters on each floor) and are available for anyone to use. More information and instructions for use are provided at each machine.

Simplicity Magnifier

Simplicity MagnifierThis machine, which can magnify any physical text or item, is located on the first floor of the library and is available for anyone to use. Instructions for use are provided at the machine.

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