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E/M 388: Econometrics: Literature Reviews

How do I do a literature review?

This guide from North Carolina A&T State University can help you understand the steps to take and factors to consider when writing a literature review.

Sample Literature Reviews

Xu, G. (2011). The Role of Law in Economic Growth: A Literature ReviewJournal of Economic Surveys25(5), 833–871.

Coad, A., Holm, J. R., Krafft, J., & Quatraro, F. (2018). Firm age and performanceJournal of Evolutionary Economics28(1), 1–11. 

Martin, J. J. M., Lopez del Amo Gonzalez, M. P., & Garcia, M. D. C. (2011). Review of the Literature on the Determinants of Healthcare ExpenditureApplied Economics43(1–3), 19–46. 

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