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A Guide to Chemistry: Find Chemistry Articles

Journals List: Do We Have this Journal?

When you have a source with a bibliography, you can see if a particular article from the bibliography is available by looking the journal's name up at the link below. Then you can use the volume and date information to navigate to the article. If we don't have access to that journal, we usually can get it from another library.

Journals Online

This online collection of journals in chemistry is an indispensable resource for chemists. Though not everything indexed in SciFinder will be here, the ACS is the most important and largest publisher of journals in the field.

Another journal of interest to chemists is not published by the ACS.

There are many journals we don't subscribe to, but we can get articles from them through interlibrary loan. Never pay for an article - we'll get it for you for free.

Additional Journals

Two important journals that cover all of the sciences with both news articles and research articles (announcing new and significant research) are only available in print, shelved alphabetically with the other print journals on the lower level

  • Nature
  • Science

For fun coverage of the latest in science news try

  • New Scientist



Other Science Databases

Annual Series

These volumes provide basic information on the most important synthetic reactions and on reliable methods for preparing organic compounds.

ORGANIC REACTIONS, v 1, 1942 - (QD 251 .O7)
ORGANIC SYNTHESES, v. 20, 1940 - (QD 262 .O7); also available online.

Two other annual publications review recent research of interest in the fields of biochemistry and physical chemistry.

Popular Science Articles

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