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Privacy and Civil Liberties: A Conversation: About Privacy, Civil Liberties, and the State

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On the NSA's Surveillance Program

The National Security Archive - The Snowden Affair. This project of George Washington University has since 1985 collected and published U.S. documents relating to international affairs as a project to provide documentation of important political issues and to resist government secrecy. This new collection offers background and the text of over 125 documents. 

The Guardian - NSA Files. A left-leaning newspaper in the UK, The Guardian, was the first to break the story about the NSA's PRISM program and their collection of telephone metadata. 

Electronic Frontier Foundation - NSA Spying. The EFF is a non-profit advocacy organization focused on civil liberties in the electronic age. It is actively opposed to domestic surveillance programs that it believes violates people's rights. Includes a timeline of NSA domestic spying.

NSA / CSS. There is such an agency, and it has a website. 

New York Time on the NSA. Stories about the NSA from the "newspaper of record." See also the Washington Post's timeline of their coverage. 

ProPublica - FAQ: What You Need to Know about the NSA's Surveillance Programs. The non-profit investigative news organizaiton presents an even-handed summary of what we know (and what we still don't know) about the NSA's programs. See also their news coverage. Recently ProPublica has also investigated the use of algorithms in decision-making by companies and government agencies in ways that embed hidden bias.

On Privacy in the Digital Era

American Library Association - Liberty, Privacy, & Surveillance. The ALA advocates for libraries and for privacy as a condition for intellectual freedom. 

Pew Internet & American Life Project -  Americans' Attitudes About Privacy, Surveillance, and Security. Results of a 2015 survey on both corporate and government surveillance. More from Pew Research on Privacy and Safety.

Schneier on Security - though Bruce Schneier is more focused on security issues than on privacy per se, he often blogs about issues related to mass surveillance. He has sorted his posts and articles into categories such as "national security policy."

The Wall Street Journal - What They Know. From 2012 and earlier; groundbreaking reporting on surveillance technology in social media, advertising, and the big business of big data. 

Projects and Organizations

EPIC: Electronic Privacy Information Center - includes information on domestic surveillance.

Library Freedom Project - a collaborative effort to inform people about privacy practices they can adopt to protect their personal information.

Privacy International - a global pro-privacy organization that includes information about mass surveillance and other topics. Their "explainers" series is helpful for defining terms and providing overviews of complex issues.

Rand - "The RAND Corporation is a research organization that develops solutions to public policy challenges to help make communities throughout the world safer and more secure, healthier and more prosperous." Of particular interest are their reports on national security, domestic intelligence, and terrorism and homeland security.




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