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We designed this guide for you - campus tutors! You'll find information that will help you connect students to the library, research materials, and librarians. We invite you to use this guide whenever research questions arise during a tutorial. The tabs at the top of the page will help you locate information about citations, searching for books and articles, tracking down hard copies of materials, and identifying reliable sources.  

Three of our most useful online resources are below; we encourage you to share this information with any students you are tutoring:

  • Research Guides: Here, you can find information on conducting research within specific disciplines and, in some cases, courses.You can also locate the Research Guides by clicking on “Research Guides” on the left side of the library homepage.
  • Quick Answers: For library FAQs and answers about anything from how to use the scanner to where the reference books are located, this page is full of helpful information.
  • Doing Research: This guide on the research process offers an overview of how to do research well, including tips on searching and accessing information.


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Reference Librarians

Contact a Librarian

Whenever you or someone you're helping has a research questions & you're not sure how to proceed, don't hesitate to get in contact with a librarian! We're here to help. Answering research questions is why we're here. 

There are many ways to connect with a librarian. Our Ask Us page lets users make appointments with librarians and also contains information about reference desk hours for drop-in appointments and librarian contact info.

While we do work with specific areas, we tend to consult with each other about questions, so don't worry about finding the "right" librarian for your question.

Tutor Hours and Locations

Academic Tutors: The Academic Success Center compiles a list of all academic tutors and their tutoring times and locations every semester.  Click here to find a tutor in your subject.

Writing Center Tutors:  For the most up to date and accurate schedule, visit the Writing Center website, where you can view tutor hours and schedule an appointment.

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