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ENG 101: Global Women: Finding Literary Criticism

Make You Searches Smart

There's a lot of published research. When you use a library database look for ways to make your life easier. Set up filters for

  • date (you don't need interpretations of literature that are shaped by out-of-date ideas)
  • subject (some databases cover everything - you may want to focus on literature)
  • audience (in some databases a limit to scholarly or peer-reviewed screens out magazine and newspaper articles)
  • format (in the catalog, try print book; in other databases try article to focus your search)

Where to Look

Some things to know about the catalog: you can limit by year of publication, to print books, and (if you're greedy) search libraries worldwide and request books from other libraries. It takes a few days, but it's free.

Find Articles

Beyond Wikipedia

Sure, Wikipedia is amazing and it's easy - but some of the editors are jerks and women's experiences and contributions aren't always fully represented because they're edited out or their significance is challenged. It can also be pretty male/white/US-centric. Reference books might give you background information to understand context. Here are some examples, but librarians can always point you toward others that can address your questions..


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