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FRE 344: Popular Rebellions: Finding Material for Your Project

Browsing for Books

Your research will take you to various parts of the library. Here are some places you might visit. All of these call numbers are shelved on the upper level. Some books (art books, in particular) may be in the Oversized Collection.

DC - History of France
  DC251-354.9 - 19th Century
       DC270-274.5 - Revolution of 1848  
  DC361-424 - 20th Century       
      DC411-424  - Fifth Republic, 1958 -
  DC425-433  - 21st Century
  DC701-790 - Local history, Paris

DS - History of Asia
    DS556-559.93 - Vietnam

DT - History of Africa
DT181-346 - The Maghreb   
    DT521-555.9 - French Sahara
    DT521-555.9 - Francophone West Africa

HN - Social History and Conditions

M - Music

N - Art 

PN - Literature, General
   PN1993-1999 - Film

PQ 1-3999 - French Literature
    PQ2149-2551 - 19th century
    PQ2600-2651 - 1900-1960
    PQ2660-2686 - 1961-2000
    PQ2700-2726 - 2001
    PQ3800-3999 - Post-Colonial Literature in French

Finding Historical Context

Horace Vernet - The French revolution of 1848 via           Wikimedia

Finding Cultural Texts

This task will require more creativity and inventiveness than simply learning about your historical moment. In addition to searching the catalog for artists, filmmakers, poets, and other cultural figures or movements you have identified (and browsing in those sections - you might find something by flipping through a book of poetry or artwork), you might find these resources helpful.

If you come across additional websites with good cultural materials relevant to this course, let me know and I'll add to this list!

On Reserve

Ask for this book at the information desk. You can use it in the library or scan pages you want to keep.

In the Reference Collection


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