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Resources for Teaching Research - First Years: Start

Guide Overview

Welcome to the Library's guide to teaching research to first-year students! For most incoming students, the Gustavus library is the largest library they've ever used. They often find it overwhelming. Students new to college often have little idea how to find, choose, and use academic sources in academic forms of discourse.

While this guide was designed with FTS instructors in mind, it will be useful for anyone who wants to address student research needs. We have indicated ways in which particular library approaches outlined in this guide can support or be adapted to meet the goals of particular FTS writing assignments.

While this guide does contain some theory and models of information literacy, it is primarily designed to put practical resources into your hands. If you have approaches or assignments you'd be willing to share, please let us know, either through your library liaison or contacting Julie Gilbert directly. We are inherently collaborative in the Library, so please reach out to us to talk further about best practices in developing student research skills. Our Library Kitchen also has excellent suggestions for assignment ideas.

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