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E/M 244-003: Innovation and Entrepreneurship Across Industries: Start


Welcome! This research guide contains resources to help you find sources for your projects. It will also help you address common research questions and issues. In addition to this guide, you can get help directly from your course librarian, Julie Gilbert.

If you need a refresher on how the library works, consult our Library FAQs for answers to all kinds of questions related to the library and its services. We also have a guide on how to do research well - use it to brush up and expand your research skills! And since everyone can use a refresher on how to find books in the library, we have a guide for that, too.

Newspaper Articles

Newspapers will be a great source to find reporting on your examples of success and failure. Rather than searching the websites of various newspapers, where you will hit paywalls, use the databases below. They will get you behind the paywalls, allowing you to see the full text of hundreds of major newspapers. Content is updated constantly, so you'll find today's paper already in the database.

Useful Websites

Recommended Article Databases

These databases contain a variety of sources, including academic sources. Business Source Premier will be especially useful, but it is always a good idea to search several databases. Pay attention to the words that are coming up in the articles you find. Look for terms that are repeated; use these terms as new search terms. For newspaper articles, see the box to the left.


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If you have any questions about research, an assignment, or the library in general, please contact me. I look forward to working with you!

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